How to enter

Entries are now closed for all categories.

The Asian Voice Charity Awards powered by Charity Clarity are free to enter and the Charity and Not-For-Profit award categories are open to any:

  • UK-based registered charity;
  • International charity with registered UK offices;
  • Unincorporated not-for-profit organisation in the UK that can clearly display its charitable aims; or
  • Organisation with a social mission operating as a Company Limited By Guarantee, CIC or social enterprise.

The Asian Voice Charity Awards are free to enter. Please note:

  • Organisations and individuals can enter more than one category and are encouraged to nominate themselves;
  • All entries will be treated as confidential;
  • The Judges’ decision is final; and
  • Nominations can be submitted online only.

If you would like to attend the Charity Awards ceremony for 2017, please contact


For Charities and Not for Profit Organisations:

This award recognises a UK-registered charity for their outstanding work and contribution to society, as well as demonstrated excellent service and achievement in its work over the last five years. There are no criteria on the annual income, but the charity must demonstrate consistently delivered outstanding service for their size and year-on-year growth.

Who can apply – All charities

This award is similar to Charity of the Year, but specifically for charities that have been operational for three years or less.

Who can apply – Charities operational for up to 3 years only


This award recognises a social enterprise or the trading arm of a charity that has made a significant difference to beneficiaries through its ability to generate income to meet its social goals over the last two years.

Who can apply – All charities and social enterprises

This award recognises an organisation for the social impact they have created and their contribution to society. They must have clearly demonstrated this impact through a clear report or other information outlining their achievements and value.

Who can apply – All charities and social enterprises

For Corporate Partnerships:

This award recognises the best corporate partnership and corporate responsibility programmes. It honours a company which goes beyond simply CSR projects to engage in partnerships in the last two years with either UK-registered or international charities, social enterprises or unincorporated charitable projects, to demonstrate quantifiably positive impact to the community.

The partnership should demonstrate significant positive outcomes and impact, as well as innovation in its approach.

Who can apply – All organisations


For Individuals:

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity over a sustained period of time, and who has produced an identifiably profound effect on the social sector in the UK or otherwise through their work, which could be voluntary or otherwise.

Who can apply – Volunteers or other individuals who have had a positive impact on society and involved in key decision making in their charity, enterprise or project


What do the winners get?

We offer each of the winning charities a package worth up to £20,000*. It includes the following:

  • One year’s free Charity Clarity rating.
  • Exclusive participation in our fundraising events, including conferences.
  • Your profile in Asian Voice and related publications, which brings with it 43 years publishing experience and a readership of several tens of thousands, as well as blogs.
  • For Start Up Of The Year Winner, 2016 Winner My Life Films will film and edit a special 2-min film for you, worth up to £1,500.
  • Up to 50% discount on specialist charity training in London and across England.
  • Free cost audit that could save you thousands in procurement costs.
  • Free access to platform for charitable giving, saving you in transaction fees and helping you increase your fundraising reach.
  • Free exclusive two-day charity trustees training.
  • Up to 50% discount on specialist PR and email marketing services.
  • Access to specialist, tailored charity banking and insurance services exclusively for you.
*Subject to change; conditions apply.

All eligibility criteria are outlined below:

For Charities and Not-for Profit Organisations

Any UK-based registered charity, an international charity with registered UK offices, an unincorporated not-for-profit organisation in the UK that can clearly display its charitable aims, or organisation with a social mission operating as a Company Limited By Guarantee, CIC or social enterprise.

The organisation must show it has delivered outstanding service to the community and has a clear goal and strategy to make a positive impact to the community.

For Corporate Partnerships

Any UK-based registered private company, or international company with registered UK offices who has been operating at least a year, has a corporate responsibility program which has clear goal and strategy to make a positive impact to the local community.

For Individuals

Any individual who has demonstrated dedication and integrity through their work and social sector in the UK.

Who nominates?

Nominations are open to all. Applicants can make as many nominations as they wish and may enter for more than one category where applicable. There is no charge to make a nomination.

Self-nomination is the most common route. If an organisation or individual is proud of their work and impact generated for the community then they are encouraged to nominate themselves. Nominations via donors or beneficiaries are also common ways of nominating.

Authenticity guarantee

Applicants must confirm that what they have written in their nomination, to the best of their knowledge, is legal, decent, honest and truthful. The judging panel reserves the right to ask for additional information from the charity, individual and corporate, and to make enquiries with the charity where appropriate.

The Overall Winner will not be permitted to re-enter the awards for a period of two years.

Nomination deadline

All entries and nominations must be received before midnight on 31 March 2017. Finalists will be announced in May 2017.