Audience’s Choice Award

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For our Charity Awards 2019, we have a brand-new category: Audience’s Choice Award. In addition to our jury-decided Awards, this category is a special one, where you, the audience, votes for the winners. The list of organisations below are the charities who have submitted their nominations so far. You can filter for Most Voted or Alphabetcally.

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Kamla Foundation

Kamla Foundation is a charity based in the UK working with marginalised communities in India, helping to develop their capacity to meet basic needs and create solutions to poverty and injustice. Through our work, ultimately we are trying to understand poverty. Poverty has many different faces, each one as unique as the next, each with strengths and weaknesses that can catalyse or inhibit an individual’s journey out of their wretched existence. Our approach is to build partnerships that respond to locally defined problems with culturally sustainable solutions


City Sikhs Network

The UK's largest network of Sikhs. We have over 7,000 members throughout the UK from all communities. We are based on universal values of professionalism, openness and mutual respect.


Go Dharmic

Go Dharmic is a volunteer movement for social welfare. We work to develop libraries for underprivellaged children, feed the homeless and provide assistance during times of need.



Founded in 1979 by the legendary Tara Rajkumar, Akademi has been taking South Asian dance to unexpected places ever since. In that time, we have redefined the parameters of the art form itself. We have inspired audiences, developed artists and changed lives. Our passion burns brighter than ever.  


The Bhumi Project

The Bhumi Project is an international Hindu response to the environmental challenges facing our planet. It is facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in partnership with the GreenFaith.


Misty’s Meadows Sanctuary

To build/purchase a building for our current/future feral populations, gather food, vets, educational materials for the general public. Start adoption programs for those cats who can be adopted and pay for all spay/neuters. Also setting up a TNR in our area.


Elderly Accomodation Council

Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs. Since our early days we have worked on two fronts. Firstly, to deliver a first class information and advice service directly to older people and their relatives and carers. Secondly, to raise awareness amongst other advisory agencies, professionals and policy makers of the importance people attach to information and advice which helps them make their own decisions about how and where to live in older age.