2016 Sponsors

Shanti Hospitality

shanti hospitality

Shanti Hospitality Group is a hotel and leisure company with a focus on building and developing exceptional assets and brands across every vertical. Their vision is to create a portfolio of assets and brands that consistently deliver best-in-class experiences. Building long-lasting partnerships is central to the accomplishment of this vision. Mutual trust and respect form the basis of all our relationships and our commitment to building long-lasting partnerships will deliver genuine value and collective success.


Red Girraffe

RedGirraffe.com has offices currently in London and in Gurgaon and New Delhi in India. It is a disruptive real-estate technology company set up to help landlords and tenants with the often painful process of finding the right counter party. It does this through a seamless interplay of a sophisticated, proprietary verification and matching technology, and clinical devotion to of operational excellence. At RedGirraffe.com we want like to bring together great Landlords with great Tenants. But we go even further, making sure that corporations, governments and estate agents are happy as part of our relocation family.

We are the world’s local estate agency. Why fit in when you can #StandTall?
RedGriraffe.com provides verified listings and tenants, qualified and dedicated relationship managers, end-to-end assistance to make the process as pain-free as possible, secure online rental payments, personalised, customisable dashboards for both landlords and tenants, and other value added services.

Visit the website at www.redgiraffe.com, Twitter at @Red_Girraffe and Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheRedGirraffe.

Edwardian Hotels London

Edwardian Hotels London

Edwardian Hotels London has luxury five and four star hotels in iconic locations in central London, Manchester and Heathrow, each with its own distinctive personality and atmosphere. When guests, whether on business or leisure, spend time with us they’re promised an exceptional experience with our hotel brands in UK; whether time is of the essence, or time is, delightfully lapsed.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda has been a long and eventful journey of almost a century across 25 countries. Starting in 1908 from a small building in Baroda to its new hi-rise and hi-tech Baroda Corporate Centre in Mumbai, is a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and corporate governance.

Bank of Baroda mission is to be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting stake holders’ value through concern, care and competence.

Aadithya Karma group

Aadithya Karma group – we believe that our business make meaningful impact in people lives by providing value based quality services .We have been serving as trusted accounting & tax partners to more than 500 clients for nearly a decade now.

Today, with more than 10 companies under Aadithya Karma Group , we have been growing diversified global business entity. The core strength lies in our commitment to serve the society. Our business span automotive services, construction , hotels & hospitality, entertainment, information technology.

Cobra Beer

Cobra Beer

Cobra Beer is an Indian beer brand manufactured in the United Kingdom and China. The group’s primary product is an extra-smooth premium beer with an alcohol strength of 4.8% volume.

Media partners

Colors TV

Colors TV

Colors TV (UK) is a free-to-air channel available on Sky 821 and Virgin 826 which offers a spectrum of ’emotions’ & ‘variety’ to its viewers.

Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio is the world’s first 24-hour commercial Asian radio station, focusing on entertainment, music and news from the subcontinent. Launched on 5 November 1989, it made history as the first 24-hour radio station specifically for the Asian demographic and played a pivotal role in integrating the Asian community into the UK.[1] Today, it is the number one commercial Asian radio station in London and broadcasts on 963/972AM, on DAB and online.

Global Giving UK

Global giving UK

GlobalGiving UK set out with two goals: first, to provide new giving options for people wanting a direct, transparent, high-impact giving experience; and second, to provide the vital access to resources that community organisations need. Using a technology platform we are able to provide a scalable solution, whilst also recognising that people and connections are critical to making this vision a success.


Charity Clarity

Charity Clarity

Empowering donors. And supporting charities.

Charity Clarity is a tool to help Donors give effectively to charities, and for Charities to effectively showcase their work. If you are a Donor, we want to make sure you have the right information to help you make a difference. If you are a Charity, we want to highlight your good work and help you succeed.

We provide this support by assessing charities across 18 metrics, in the categories of Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency and Accessibility. We do this through publicly and privately available information.

Asian Business Publications Ltd. (ABPL)

Asian Voice

Asian Business Publications Ltd (ABPL) has been publishing Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice in the UK since 1972, during which time we have always striven to put the needs of our community first. In over 45 years of continuous campaigning, we’ve managed to build an intimate trust with our readers and advertisers.

The key to our success has been our abiding and uncompromising commitment to the interest of our readers. Over the four decades we’ve learned a lot about their likes and dislikes, their changing lifestyles, their interests and their priorities. Equipped with this invaluable insight we offer the latest news with in-depth reports and analysis on issues of particular importance to British Asians.